NuTone Haven Mosquito Control

Light and Mosquito Repellent Fixture

Haven Backyard Light & Mosquito Repellent Fixture combines attractive, efficient LED lighting with mosquito repellency, to enhance your patio, deck or yard. Includes one repellent cartridge.

EFFECTIVE: Haven’s patented mosquito protection system provides protection within 15 minutes of use and is effective against all types of mosquitoes, including the Aedes aegypti mosquito, a known carrier of the Zika virus.

CONVENIENT: Odorless, silent, invisible during use – no smelly oils, smoke, or zapping sounds to disturb you.

SAFE: Child-resistant fixture opens with screwdriver. Repellent won’t harm plants, flowers, shrubs or lawns.

SIMPLE TO USE: As easy as turning on the lights to say goodbye to biting mosquitoes.

EASY TO INSTALL: Each fixture is designed for easy insertion into cable connectors and comes with adaptors to fit most existing wiring systems and transformers.

Available in Black and Bronze Finish

Mosquito Repellent Fixture

The Haven Mosquito Repellent Fixture can be used to repel mosquitoes where lighting is not needed. Easily added to an existing low voltage lighting installation, the Haven Mosquito Repellent fixture offers the same patented mosquito protection system in a discreet, low-profile design that blends in to any landscape. Includes one repellent cartridge.


The timer/control allows programming of two circuits of up to four fixtures for automatic operation, either by time of day or by Solar Sensor. (For example: set lights to turn on at dusk and remain on for 5 hours; set repellent to turn on at 7 pm and off at 9 pm.)

Repellent Cartridge

Easily replaceable cartridges are available in single and four packs. Each repellent cartridge provides season-long mosquito protection and lasts 90 days when used 2.4 hours per day, providing convenient protection from mosquitoes: no batteries, candles, butane, or external fuels required, no spraying to schedule, no messy traps to empty.


Referral Bonus: For every person that you refer to us and we install their system we will credit $50 to your account. Please inform the referral to mention your name as a referral source prior to installation.


Mini Trencher

GeoRipper won the Irrigation New Product Showcase Contest at the Irrigation Expo in Las Vegas. The GeoRipper is a commercial handheld trencher that totes on its ability to save its customers time and money with its portability and heavy duty trenching chains. It replaces the pick and shovel, decreasing labor and increasing profits.

As a truly portable trencher, GeoRipper does not require trucks and trailers for hauling. Simply put, you can put it in the back of small car if needed. The GeoRipper can be operated by hand for tough to reach areas or placed on an EZ Kart for longer trenching runs. Mainly used for irrigation, electrical, landscape lighting, fiber optics, plumbing, silt fencing, landscape edging, root barriers and much more, GeoRipper provides unique features that include:

  • trenching in tight radiuses
  • rapidly digging with little ground disturbance
  • digging in various soil conditions, including rocky, clay, sand, coral and even frozen ground
  • trenches up to 27″ deep and 1″ – 1.5″ – 2.38″ wide
  • self-sharpening digging chains that can cut tree roots up to 3″ in diameter

GeoRipper sticks to the MiniTrencher motto, Trenching Made Easy. In fact the GeoRipper trenches in areas where other trenchers can’t, providing its customers with a quick and easy solution.

We have these trenchers for sale and for rent.

RainBird LNK WiFi Module

Control your Rain Bird irrigation system remotely from anywhere in the world.

With the LNK WiFi Module and Rain Bird’s FREE mobile app, users get access to off-site management, real-time alerts and advanced water management tools via their smart phone or tablet.

  • Simple Plug & Play Design.
  • Designed to work with a controller you already understand
  • Upgrade your existing controller, simply plug the LNK WiFi Module into the accessory port and open the app
  • Operates like a remote onsite and provides complete access to the irrigation system while offsite

Advanced App Design

  • Simple to use app, provides homeowners with the access they need and desire
  • Professional features allow for easy multi-site management
  • Built-in notifications provide troubleshooting access, and warns when freezing conditions are expected

Saves Water

  • Automatic weather adjustments provide daily run time changes to save up to 30% more water
  • Superior programming capabilities are designed to meet the most stringent water restrictions
  • Instant access allows for real-time system management. 
  • Weather data from the internet automatically adjusts system run times on a daily basis.  Ensuring that your yard receives the water it needs, while saving up to 30% in water.

Supported Mobile Devices

  • Apple devices running iOS 8.0 or greater;
  • Android devices running OS 4.4 (KitKat) or later

Wireless Frequency Bands Supported

  • 2.4 GHz only

Wireless Networks Supported

  • 802.11 b/g/n only

Moisture Sensors

How does the SMRT-Y work?

The SMRT-Y sensor accurately measures the moisture level in the soil. When the soil is dry, the SMRT-Y allows the irrigation controller to water as scheduled.  When the soil moisture level is sufficiently high, the SMRT-Y will disable all zones from irrigating.  The SMRT-Y acts as a switch, opening and closing the zone common wire depending on the soil moisture level.  When the zone common wire is open, the irrigation system valves will not operate.  The moisture threshold – that level of moisture where the SMRT-Y switches on or off – is set by the user and can be adjusted up or down as needed.

Key Benefits

  • Proven Water-Savings. An independent research study proves that a SMRT-Y delivers 45% to 73% water savings.
  • Makes Most Any Controller Smart. Works with any standard 24V AC controller, the SMRT-Y Sensor allows watering based on the soil's actual moisture content. Note: not compatible with 2-wire controllers.
  • Bury and Forget. Made with high grade 304 stainless steel – not plastic resin – the SMRT-Y Sensor has been rigorously tested for over five years in the harshest conditions for trouble-free performance.
  • Industry’s Most Accurate Sensor. The SMRT-Y digital TDT™ sensor is highly accurate in any soil condition with no manual calibration needed.

Learn more about Water Sense

Launched in 2006, WaterSense is a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency program that promotes water-efficient products, programs and practices to protect future water supplies.

IA-certified irrigation contractors, landscape/turf irrigation designers, and golf and landscape irrigation auditors qualify to become WaterSense partners.

  • WaterSense partners: Tap into the power of EPA’s consumer awareness campaign.
  • Qualify to use the partner logo on business cards, brochures and marketing materials.
  • Are listed in EPA's online directory of irrigation professionals.
  • Northwest Iowa Sprinkler is an EPA Watersense Partner

Water Conservation and Management

What is an irrigation system water audit?

A water audit is an assessment of how much water is used and how much water can be saved in the home and in this case your sprinkler system. Conducting a water audit involves calculating water use and identifying simple ways for saving water.

What are the benefits of conducting a water audit?
Conducting a water audit can help you save money by reducing your overall water bill (and sewer bill if you are connected to a public sewer system). Conducting a water audit will make you aware of how you use your water and help to identify ways you can minimize water use by implementing certain conservation measures. It is possible to cut your water usage by as much as 30 percent by implementing simple conservation measures and without drastically modifying your lifestyle.

How can I conserve water?
Simply put, check for leaks.

An average of about 14 percent of residential water is lost through leaking fixtures or pipes. You still pay for this water! If you don't feel comfortable conducting your own audit, you can simply hire Northwest Iowa Sprinkler to conduct it for you.  We are experienced in this field and know exactly what to look for and we even check the reading on your water meter.

CLIA - Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditors - Overview

  • Collect site data.
  • Make maintenance recommendations and perform minor repairs.
  • Perform field measurements and observations.
  • Determine irrigation uniformity and efficiency.
  • Develop a basic irrigation schedule.
  • Work with a water manager or property owner to manage overall irrigation water use.
  • Select Certified Benefits WaterSense Partners

Rain Sensing Devices

Use rain sensing devices whenever possible. These devices are installed up around the roof line to open sky so that they receive plenty of rain, wind and sunshine. These devices will automatically prevent unnecessary watering when it's raining.  A rain sensor switch is wired to your sprinkler controller and will interrupt scheduled irrigation based on how much rainfall has occurred and will keep the system off for a preset "dry down" time.

These devices will interrupt irrigation day or night whether you are sleeping or on vacation and can save you a lot of water and money.

Check the Rainbird website at for more information.