Sprinkler Design Services

Design Strategies

We start the process with a precise measurement of your lawn. We then visit with you to learn about your flower beds, trouble spots and future landscaping plans. Once we are finished, we will put together a proposal that will include a design. The design will show the number of heads, approximate location of these heads, water service location and controller location. Your proposal will be custom designed for your property. You will also receive literature that will help you understand the operation of your system. Once the sprinkler system is installed we will show you how to operate your system. 

Every new system we install will receive an “As-Built” included at no additional charge. The As-Built is a design drawing with all of the pipes, valve boxes and heads in a map of the system as it was built.

Some systems over water in some areas and under water in others. All sprinkler systems designed by us, employ the “balanced precipitation” concept using head-to-head coverage. In order to achieve consistent water coverage, each head must spray far enough to reach the next head. We install all of our sprinkler systems with this concept so that all parts of your lawn will be watered evenly.

Things to Remember

A Lawn Irrigation system will help maintain the value of your property. With proper lawn care and efficient watering of your lawn and plantings a sprinkler system will help beautify your home.

All irrigation systems must be installed properly and maintained regularly. An irrigation system is exposed to many elements: snowplows, car tires, lawn mowers, cold weather, etc. With family time becoming more valuable and you find that you do not have the time or knowledge to check your system, start up the system or program the system for different times of the year. Call Northwest Iowa Sprinkler or send us a Service Request and we will promptly call you back and service your needs.

 Water your lawn deep, longer not often: It is recommended that your lawn receive 1” of water weekly. Also try to water in the early morning, between 4 a.m. & 9 a.m. The greatest waste of water comes from applying too much, too often – much of the water is never absorbed.  

Instead of watering for one long session try watering a few times for shorter periods and take a break in between each session if you have heavy clay soil. This will allow water to soak in, while minimizing runoff. This will help establish stronger roots and a healthier lawn.  As the sun becomes stronger in July and August the evaporation level is stronger and you should adjust your controller to run zones longer to ensure your lawn is getting enough water during these months.

Install a rain sensor. In most states a rain sensor is now required. A rain sensor is a smart way to help conserve water. 

For your investment, our team will create a custom design that meets your expectations and the watering needs of your landscape. After installation, you will receive a laminated as built (Drawing of the entire system including sprinkler heads, controller, distribution valves and pipe all in a color format), free service agreement for the first 12 months and a warrantee for 24 months. Our team of experts will answer questions and give you confidence in your new system at no extra charge. Now, THAT'S VALUE!

 You get a complete service and advantage package offered nowhere else in Northwest Iowa. The Advantage System includes: 


  • Accurately measured and designed irrigation system.
  • You receive a color-coded design showing location of all components in the event repair is ever needed (As-Built).  This reference is invaluable when contemplating landscape changes at your property and for the maintenance of your lawn sprinkler system. 
  • Your lawn will not end up too wet or too dry using the balanced precipitation concept.  With proper zone watering you will be able to conserve water by accurately setting watering times.
  • Each area of your lawn is watered separately to get complete and adequate moisture.
  • The only company in Northwest Iowa that is a Certified Rainbird Select Contractor and Certified Irrigation Auditor through the Irrigation Association.
  • The only company in Northwest Iowa that is a member of the Irrigation Association.


  • Professionally wired with a easy to use automatic timer.
  • We use waterproof wire connectors for all in ground connections.
  • Professionally plumbed for consistent water pressure, prevention of backflow and winter freezing.
  • A Certified Contractor will flag the precise location of all sprinklers based on the custom design for your lawn.  Northwest Iowa Sprinkler assures you that well trained and knowledgeable installers will carry out the installation of your system.   It is our objective to leave your property looking as though a system has not been installed.  The specialized equipment we use and our conscientious employees make this possible.
  • Total Clean-up Guarantee: We will make sure that your lawn is cleaned up and looking good after we finish working.
  • We include the first winterization and first seasonal startup the following season at no additional charge.

Sprinkler Products

  • Your system will last longer and work better because of the high quality sprinkler heads and components.


  • An Irrigation Service Agreement will ease your mind about the winter & spring servicing of your system.
  • Service Calls: For repairs, in most cases we are there within 24 to 48 hours.
  • If you buy from us, your service and parts are under warrantee at no additional charge for the first 24 months!

We are the only Lakes Area contractor certified by the National Irrigation Association:

Doug is a Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor (CLIA)

We are also the only Certified Rainbird Select Contractor in the Lakes Area! 

We are an Authorized RainBird Service Contractor and can warranty all of your RainBird Products.