Sprinkler Installation


We only use the highest quality products, with Rain Bird being our brand of choice.

  1. We will install the pipe 8” to 12” under the soil.
  2. The heads and valve boxes are installed flush with the top of the soil.
  3. We use water tight connectors for all 24 volt outdoor connections.
  4. King Automatic Drains are used to prevent damage caused by freezing temperatures.
  5. Clean and neat installation on every project.
  6. We follow all local, state and national plumbing codes. We will install an approved back ow prevention device required by the city water departments. The backflow device is designed and installed for your sprinkler system to prevent the siphon of water in the pipes throughout your yard and protects you and the city water supply. This device, when installed properly, will prevent contaminants in your yard such as pesticides, herbicides, and animal feces from entering your drinking water.
  7. We use only the highest quality glue and primers as well as stainless steel clamps to assure that you get the best seal possible. With proper maintenance, your system will operate worry-free for years.
  8. We will install your sprinkler system in a timely fashion. In most cases, installations are completed the same day.
  9. We will show you how to operate and maintain your system upon completion of the installation.
  10. After all of the sprinklers have been installed, we inspect and adjust each of the heads to cover their perspective areas.


Most residential sprinkler systems are completed in the same day, but there may be exceptions. All turf that is dug up is placed back like it was and tamped flat. In areas that the grass was thin or beyond repair, we will sow grass seed in to fix your lawn. In most cases, there should be little or no evidence of work done to your property after two weeks. All sidewalks and driveways are swept off, or washed off before we leave. We pride ourselves in our clean-up, service and workmanship.